Ambre Taylor wife of Fallen
Officer Forrest E. (Dino) Taylor

Forrest E. (Dino) Taylor

E.O.W. 8/29/2012

Baltimore Police Department

In August of 2012 my children and I lost my husband/their Dad to a Line of Duty death stemmed from an accident he suffered while working the midnight shift in February of 2012. For the six months he was home, before his death after his surgery, there were constant appointments due to his brain injury, therapies to help with his cognitive problems, balance, back and other body parts he injured in the crash. After all the procedures were exhausted to try and help his back, the ultimate decision was made to have a 3 part fusion done on the lumbar region of his back. Unfortunately, my husband never made it home after his surgery. He died six days after surgery due to complications. As you can imagine for our two children and myself, our world was turned upside down.

In December of 2012 we were invited to attend a Christmas party hosted by our Maryland Chapter of C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors). I wasn't sure if the kids and I were ready to meet other survivors but I am so glad that we decided to attend this party. The children and I met so many wonderful people. So many families were suffering just like us. My children made friends, which I hope they will carry these friendships throughout their lives. I too met a lot of wonderful people and felt welcomed being amongst so many others that were 'just like us'. At the Christmas party I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Kristina Hoffman Eckhoff and hearing her story. Little did I know that Kristina was about to present the children and I with a from the fundraiser she held earlier that year in her brother's memory, Luke T. Hoffman. I was overwhelmed with emotions, and thankful for her generous gift.

Giving my children the best first Christmas without their Daddy was very important to me. I wanted that Christmas tree filled underneath with gifts for Tristan and Millie. That's just what I was able to do with this generous gift presented to my children and I from Kristina. This gift helped to put smiles on the faces of my two beautiful children . Christmas morning was beautiful and filled with smiles, tears and priceless wonderful new memories.

Many thanks go to Kristina, her parents and all those who attended last year's fundraiser in honor of their fallen hero, Luke. Know that your donation helped in making two children, Tristan (age 8) and Millie (at that time she was 5) smile, giggle, laugh and scream in delight. Tristan, Millie and I thank each and every one of you. Ifl could say one more thing, please don't ever take your loved ones for granted. Never forget to tell those you love how much they mean to you and how much you love them. All we have is today. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

Ambre L Taylor


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